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Body Control Pilates®

​What is Body Control Pilates?

Co-founded by Lynne Robinson, Body Control Pilates (BCP) makes the Pilates Method accessible to all ages and fitness levels, breaking down classical Joseph Pilates exercises so they can be taught step by step. As clients advance, more complex movements are layered on.

You can learn about the Body Control Pilates method

BCP have been training Body Control Pilates teachers since 1996. The comprehensive training course includes time spent working as a practice teacher as well as more formal training sessions at BCP’s London studios, coursework and exams. All teachers qualify at Level 3 of the National Qualifications Framework (Advanced Instructor).


Body Control Pilates Certified Teachers

Body Control Pilates have been forerunners in the development of quality standards for Pilates in the UK and Europe and are widely recognised as a benchmark for safe and effective teaching.

Body Control Pilates Certified Teachers will

  • Restrict class size to a maximum of 12 clients, ensuring close supervision and support.

  • Ask you to complete and return an enrolment form before you attend your first class. This form obtains details of any injuries or health conditions so they can ensure you exercise safely.

  • Teach using the Body Control Pilates approach to adapt exercises to suit the needs of different clients.

  • Commit to continuing education with BCP. BCP offer over 40 courses to qualified teachers, so that they can continue to expand their knowledge of Pilates and have the opportunity to pursue areas of particular interest.

  • Adhere to a Code of Practice that governs teaching standards and professional ethics. All certified teachers hold valid insurance and CPR certification.

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