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New Clients

​Enrolment form

When you let me know you are interested in attending Pilates classes, I ask you to complete and return a Body Control Pilates enrolment form. This form requests relevant health and medical information as well as standard contact details. I use this information to adapt exercises as necessary to keep you safe in class and to ensure you get the maximum benefit from each exercise. It also means I can take individual requirements into account when designing classes. Information provided on this form is strictly confidential and will be kept securely.

I will send this form by email. Please save it to your computer prior to completing it. If you experience any problems with the electronic form, or if you prefer a printed copy, please let me know and I will post one to you.

Enrolment 1:1

After you have returned the form, we will arrange your Enrolment 1:1 session. In this session we will talk about the fundamental principles of Pilates and work through a range of key exercises. We will also discuss what you want to achieve from Pilates classes and make arrangements for you to join a regular class that meets your requirements.

If you are intending to join a class with a friend, partner or household member, we can arrange a 1:2 enrolment session.

Beginners Course

When places are available, you may join a beginners’ course as an alternative to an Enrolment 1:1 session.  This block of classes is designed to give you an understanding of the fundamental principles of Pilates and to develop the key abilities required for good Pilates practice.

Please note

Completion of the Enrolment Form and attendance at a 1:1 Enrolment session or Beginners Course (where available), is required before joining a regular class. There is no drop-in sessions option. The enrolment process has been designed to keep clients safe and to ensure they get the best possible outcomes from the classes they attend.

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