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I took up Pilates 18 years ago to alleviate a back problem caused by spending too much time sitting behind a computer keyboard or a steering wheel. In addition to being a constant source of physical discomfort, my back problem prevented me from running and hill walking - two of my favourite pastimes.


The more I learnt about Pilates, the more interested in it I became. In my teens I skated with the Great Britain speed skating squad, competing at a national level.  Speed skating gave me a fascination for precision of movement and an understanding of what the smallest adjustments can achieve. In Body Control Pilates I recognised the same rigor, focus and results.

In 2019 I made the decision that I wanted to learn more about Pilates and that I wanted to use that knowledge to work as a Pilates teacher. I qualified as a Body Control Certified teacher in 2020.

Thanks to Pilates, I enjoy much better back health these days and am able to hill walk and run again.


  • Body Control Pilates Certified Teacher – Level 3 Matwork

  • I am a member of the Body Control Pilates Association which gives me the support of the largest professional Pilates organisation outside of the USA.

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As a Pilates teacher my main aim is to support my clients to meet their personal fitness goals. I enjoy the challenge of designing classes that take into consideration the particular requirements of each person. The BCP maximum of 12 in a class means I have ample time for answering questions and offering feedback to every class member.

There’s a perception that Pilates is for celebrities and sports stars. I’d like to dispel this perception. Body Control Pilates is a safe and effective method of exercise for everyone. Whatever your fitness level, practising Pilates will improve your posture, strength and flexibility and will help you achieve what you want from your body, be it climbing mountains or touching your toes.

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