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What to expect

A Body Control Pilates class is a relaxed, social space with a maximum of 12 participants. It should be peaceful and quiet, but not silent.


Classes last for one hour. In that hour I take you through a set of exercises designed to develop your flexibility, stability and strength. I teach using demonstration, imagery and cues. I adapt exercises to meet individual needs, and provide individual feedback as we work through the exercises.

Block of six classes

My classes are typically designed and delivered in blocks of six. Whilst every class will balance the development of flexibility, stability and strength, each block of six has a focus or theme. Grouping classes in blocks of six also allows the opportunity to ‘layer up’ an exercise, adding on more complex elements as the block progresses.

Equipment and Clothing

Please bring your own exercise mat and two 25mm head cushions. I can provide head cushions on request, but ask you to bring a towel to cover them.  A 10mm exercise mat is ideal as all the venues have wooden floors.

​Where exercises require other equipment such as resistance bands, I will provide them.


Dress comfortably in relatively close-fitting clothing that allows you to move freely and me to check your alignment. Please wear socks.


Body Control Pilates places the highest priority on ensuring its clients exercise safely. It also asks you to take responsibility for your own well being as you exercise.


I follow BCP Covid safety guidance. These include minimum space requirements per person and cleaning of floors and equipment.

Before each class begins, I will ask you to tell me about any recent injuries or changes to your health so I can keep you safe in the session.


I ask that you follow the adapted exercises and advice I give you. I adapt exercises and give you advice to keep you safe.


Do not exercise if

  • You are unwell

  • You have been drinking alcohol

  • You have eaten a large meal in the two hours prior to a class

  • You have taken pain killers - they can mask contraindications whilst exercising


Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns that a new injury or change in health condition may affect your ability to exercise.  

Class Etiquette

Please arrive on time or a few minutes before. Classes start promptly and it’s good to get everyone settled in place before we start.

Turn your phone off or put it on silent before class begins.

Please give as much notice as possible when you are unable to attend a class. This allows me to offer your place as a make up class to another client.

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