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Class Fees & Booking

Group Matwork Classes

Classes are typically run in 6 week blocks, payable for the whole block in advance.

Face to face,  £11 per hour class

Live online,  £9 per hour class

Monthly Payment

This option offers a discounted rate based on access to a maximum of 42 classes per year.

​Face to face £35.40 per month

Live online £29 per month

Missed Classes

Where you are unable to attend a class in a block, you are welcome to make up any missed classes in an alternative class within that block.  Sorry these cannot be carried forward to the next block.


Refunds are not available for missed classes.

Enrolment 1-2-1  £30 per hour

Unless joining a beginners level class; new clients book an enrolment 1-2-1

Private Tuition

1-2-1   £44 per hour

1-2-2  £55 per hour

1-2-3  £66 per hour


Group Classes

Classes are payable for the whole block at the time of booking by bank transfer and reserves you a place in a specified class.

Monthly Payment is payable by standing order on an agreed day of each month.

Private tuition is payable at the time of booking by bank transfer.

By making payment you are agreeing to my Terms & Conditions.


New Clients – enrolment is required prior to booking first class.

Booking is simple and is made directly with me by phone or email.

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